BBC Lesbian Gaff

On new year eve a group of us actually watched ‘Most Annoying People of 2008′ and unanimously agreed that the most annoying thing of 2008 was this programme.
As we were celebrating the end of the year I confess that we weren’t paying much attention so when LiLoh and Ronson were mentioned we were too busy enjoying the term ‘celesbian’ (Celebrity Lesbian apparently. Soon I shall be one) to notice the awful remarks. Or maybe we just ignored them; I can’t be sure. However, PinkNews noticed it and were suitably disgusted. Its such a daily occurrence for ignorant men to shout sexually explicit things at my girlfriend and I that sort of tune it out these days.

Which I probably shouldn’t. I should shout back and make a scene and humiliate these awful dinosaurs who think that by yelling “can I join you?” I’ll suddenly renounce my lady loving and throw myself at them. Eww. But I don’t. I don’t want to be stabbed, or followed home and raped and it disgusts me that this is the first conclusion my mind goes to.

By no means is it all men that shout things at lesbians either. Most guys don’t bat an eyelid and believe it or not I’ve had verbal abuse from women too, so there is no particular group of people (in my experience anyway) that seem to have a problem with same sex relationships. If I could think of something clever to say in this situation then I would just say it and run away, but when it does happen I feel so dirty and grossly objectified that I often can’t bring myself to.

Granted, lesbians don’t often face the physical abuse that gay men unfortunately are subject to, but there’s only so many times you can have 50 year old guys just out in town of an afternoon asking you suck their cock before it starts to affect you. Its a horrible but real fact of my life that when I go home to see my parents I wouldn’t feel safe walking around the high street where they live holding a girls hand. Not just uncomfortable. Unsafe.

I could talk around the point forever. Ron Jeremy makes me feel physically sick and Spooney is more likely to make women celibate than encourage lesbians to dander his way. The bottom line is that they are both very sad lonely men and I pity them. It seems now that the BBC is getting more of a bashing for previous instances of homophobia or language that has been used by its presenters. Now I’ll concede that some of things aren’t the most offensive, but I was horrified to learn of Alexander Armstrong’s comment on Have I Got News For You. Considering I usually find him quite funny.

Cool, attractive and rich men like Brad Pitt (who loves the gays) don’t feel the need to make lewd remarks. And his has Angelina Jolie all to himself. Lucky bastard.

But what I’m interested in is other people’s experiences. Do you face this sort of ‘funny’ abuse on a daily basis? Do you find that people respond to learning of your sexuality by making a muff diver or bumming joke? Comment comment comment, I want this to become a discussion…