Jade Goody

Its going to be a ponderance this time.

I’m never quite sure what I make of Jade Goody. Although I would not wish what she is going through on anybody I hated her with a passion, yet the Media is manipulating much of my opinion of her. Now I’m confused as to which of my estimations is correct. Stupid, common girl with a vile set of opinions and a frightening lack of tact who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer and is milking it for all its worth even when she’s terminal? Or brave cancer sufferer, who is a real/normal person and is using her ‘fame’ as a platform to make a lot of money for her sons which are soon to be motherless?

But that isn’t my point. This article in the Daily Mail is weeks old now, but I still think about it. Former magazine editor Jane Ennis talks of her horrible guilt at forcing Jade to do degrading, unpleasant jobs at the beginning of her fame in order to turn her into a brand. And now that Jade has cancer she feels bad about doing abhorent things like printing “We Hate Jade” covers on various magazines. This article bothers me so much as she seems to feel a need to look as though she feels bad about doing all this (conveniently Jade is dying, so perfect time for this awful woman to cash in) but really she should have felt bad about it all along.

The comments at the end of the article say it all for me really.

And I know what I think of Jade now. Stupid, common, tactless girl whose life has been scrutinised from every angle, but is a real person and has developed a very real and very scary disease that is going to kill her. No-one should have to deal with that, let alone in the spotlight constantly. I shudder a little to think of how much money some people are going to make when she does die.

But what do people really think of Jade?