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Its a first for Your Face and especially me. A tech review. Not about a game, or a gadget, an actual piece of software. And guess what? I don’t like it.

Basically, Google like to corner all markets and have decided to release an internet browser, ‘Chrome’. From this name I kind of expected a pimped out version of Safari, but not quite. Chrome uses different parts of the main 4 browsers, Safari, FireFox, IE and Opera and smashes them all together in a strange jumble. Text highlights and spell checks as you go a la Safari, the tabs are much like Firefox and the menus are hidden away in a strange under-the-covers world like Internet Explorer. Its as slow as Opera, unwieldy as Internet Explorer and frankly, I think its ugly.

I’ve used it non stop for a week now and I still manage to close my tabs repeatedly as they’re in a weird place and my eyes are distracted far too often by the massive swathe of blue at the top. 

I said Tech review, but often techie websites never really tell you whether you should use things or not and whether the average user will enjoy it on a basic level. So, this is more of an aesthetics review. 

Google Chrome looks cheap, is slow and steals from superior browsers. I see absolutely no reason why you would want to replace Firefox with this. On a plus, the logo does look like a Poke-ball which means it gets one cool point. But that is it. 

1 Ash Ketchum’s out of 5 Google. Must try harder.

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Claire is a twenty-something year old lady writer, media whore and technophile. She is yet to find her proper vocation in life and every day brings a new idea. Today? Firewoman or Vampire Slayer. Tomorrow? Who knows. Claire LOVES Doctor Who, Buffy, novels, adaptation, music of all kinds and cheese and dislikes untidiness and un-sanded wood. Stalk her on Twitter @Blakeborough or email [email protected].
  • Dylan
    It'd take a lot to persuade me away from firefox now that I've discovered addons, god I love addons.
  • Blackett
    I love Google, but it seems when ever they want to move into a new area they dont seem to have the design capabilites to make it functional. This makes me sad, Google have incredible potential I just hope they can follow through soon.
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