Gaming This Christmas

The second week of November is the week that all gamers wait for, for this is the week that all games worth their salt are released. But how is this year shaping up?

For the last two chrimbos the Wii has dominated and this year Sony and Microsoft are upping their game to get a shoe in. This is my list of the heavy hitters and as last week I really enjoyed doing five I will do the same here.

5 -- Little Big Planet

Now didn’t that look exciting? Well I suppose some fast editing can make anything look exciting. This is what Sony has been hyping a go go for years now even to the point that conveniently on the day of release it had to be withdrawn from shelves because they wanted a couple more column inches (lyrics from the Kuran were in one of the songs so the game was takn from shelves although patches were released by the end of the first day to get rid of the song in copies already released, can any one else say convenient.) Sony are dubbing this ‘the youtube of gaming’ as players are encouraged to create their own levels oooooooo. Apparetnly the single player is rather robust and from what I have heard its worth getting excited about.

4 -- Wii Music

Its sold a million bajillion copies in Japan already but is it going to ship more Wii’s here in the U of K? Im not sure, I wish it was getting me more excited but it feels like yet another in the world of casual gaming when I want a game I can sink my teeth into.

3. Gears Of War

I feel underqualified to have an opinion, but this has got many a person excited.

2. Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Want to see how to jam a new gaming idea onto an old franchise and at the same time kill off all the character and style that made the original so unique? Well look no further.

1. Animal Crossing -- City Folk

What was an N64 game that was never released here, a Gamecube game that sold about 10 copies has become a phenomenon on the DS is now heading to the Wii and bigger and better, the Wii Speak microphone is also set to make this a really social game. I wish I could get excited.

Of course this is not all that is on its way, Guitar Heroes World Tour being another huge game but I want to know what is getting your fingers twitching? What can you not wait to play?

Answers on a post card (comment) below.