Romeo and Julian

This has incensed me.

A school in Leytonstone, London has decided to put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet, but in order to coincide with LGBT History Month have reworked the text so it is now Romeo and Julian. Of course an MP has something to say about this. Tory MP Philip Davis has said:

“Anyone with an ounce of sense would want their children to be learning Romeo and Juliet rather than Romeo and Julian.”

The MP for Shipley in Yorkshire added: “Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest works ever written. It is a play that every child should study.

“It is very worrying that this literary masterpiece is being used for such a politically-correct purpose.”

What? I mean really, what? I don’t understand why this is even an issue. I fully agree that Romeo and Juliet is one of the finest texts ever written, but Shakespeare himself was rumoured to be a big homo!! And no-one is saying that they are putting the gay version on the ciriculum; rather a school (and more importantly, the pupils themselves) have come up with a witty play on words in order to take part in a month with aims to do away with small-minded ridiculous comments like Mr Davis has made. Its obvious that this is less about being overly PC or inappropriate and more about his own personal preferences. Which I care very little about.

Luckily, someone in parliament has an ounce of sense. Harriet Harman came back at him with this comment:

“I seem to remember that in Shakespearean times, boys would play girls and girls would play boys and the whole point was trying work out which was which.

“There is going to be a debate next Thursday about new equality legislation so we can ensure everybody in this country is treated with fairness, respect and not subject to prejudice and discrimination – and indeed cheap shots – from you.”

I say “Bravo!” Leytonstone School. Sadly idiots will always comment on anything vaguely risque but I think its bloody marvellous.

(Also, turns out that Romeo and Julian is a male pants designer, so enjoy the scantily clad gents)