I Was Ill…

So it’s not friday and nor is this really a post, please excuse the lazyness but here are two amazing articles written for the Guardian about comedy. One by a comedian, one not.

David Mitchell (gods gift to panel shows) writes an amazing piece about Sachsgate… Here.

An interesting take and very well discussed, if only the rest of the world got it!

Next, Siobhain Butterworth on what is and what isn’t accepitable in comedy (in her opinion)… Here.

Whilst I dissagree with her about the Brand/Ross issue I do enjoy her comments on certain turns of phrase and while i have never heard ‘The ginger step-child’ quote I do aggree that it is abhorrent, I don’t enjoy cruelty to Ginger People and think it very very unfair!

So that’s lazy David signing off for now, I hope you like where I’ve pointed you as these two have said what I should have in this column (probably much better than I would have!)

See you next week…

…ps. Mr Woss has pulled out of the Comedy Awards, and while I agree this is a good decision on his part, please please ITV don’t put someone shit in. God help us if it’s Dara.