Gaiman and Pratchett: Good Omens

Yup its me again gushing about something that Neil Gaiman wrote, sang, sneezed, caughed, whispered gently into my ear etc etc.

This is the 80′s love child of Gaiman and Pratchett documenting the final few days as the world spirals towards the apocalypse. But as it is these two lovely fellows telling the tale nothing is that straight forward as we follow a mix up at the hospital which means the antichrist ends up with a terribly English set of parents rather than the American diplomats he was intended for, a modern day witch who is the distant dissendant of Agnes Nutter a 17th century witch who also happens to be the most acurate prophet of all time, a two man army of witch hunters, the serpant who tempted Adam with the apple who’s best friend is one of the flaming sword angels who garded eden as well as the four horsemen of the apocalypse coming together.

As you can see there is alot going on. But it plays beautifuly and along the way manages to give some wonderful views or religion and war giving the story a much needed grounding and a sense of worth that would be non existent if Pratchet had his way.

There is a clear change in pace between the two writers as Gaiman attempts to move the story forward and add character to the…err…characters whilst Pratchett constantly goes on flights of fancy telling the whimsical history of anything that gets into his Saruman like sights as well as footnoting as though it were going out of style. Which works most of the time.

If your in the mood to read some thing easy to read which is funny and fantastical you can’t go wrong with Good Omens.