Pikmin 2 Japanese Advert

Pikmin is one of my favourite games of all time, ever, in a million years, its tops! And it pleases me greatly that Nintendo are giving it a new lease of life on the good ol Wii (even if I do think that £30 for a 6 year old game from a dead system is a bit steap especially as Nintendo will be launching one of these ‘play control’ games every month for the rest of the year.)

I also love Japanese adverts for computer games and these two loves have come together in this fantastic whole. The kooky Japanese pop song, the claymation pikmin the rather violent game play are a treat to behold.

Now faces your job is to seek out your favourite computer game adverts and stick the link below, the bestest ones will be featured in another one of my wonderful countdown posts at some point next week. Hoorah.