Just For Men Hair Colour

First off I apologise for the bad quality of the video, some people are sooooo lazy recording some bad quality video and then posting it youtube, I mean put some effort in for those of us who cant be bothered to record off the tv and do all the uploading.

Now this advert I find to be the creepiest one on our television screens even trumping the Krusha adverts from days of yor. Clearly the mother has died, possibly during child birth, and the children have got so bored of the father A. Being sad and lonely or B. Using his children for pleasure. That the kids have decided to pimp him out. And then right at the end of the advert, who is babysitting these children?

I also doubt that it was some hair dye that got him a date with the hussy, I feel it was the oodles of money the man clearly has, just look at the size of his apartment/house.

ooooh! found a better version!

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  • Andy
    When kids are hooking you up with women, you got some problems.
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