Did you watch it? Because if not, you can no longer consider yourself hip and happening. Unfortunately, I did watch it, and if this is what being cool is all about, then colour me loser for I want no part of it. After all the hype, I was kind of expecting to really enjoy it, despite the cringeworthy trailers and bafflingly pointless MySpace page. Alas, it’s shocking. Kudos Channel 4 for your expensive and invasive advertising that graces every television break and bus-stop in Leicester, I’m sure it was well worth it. My biggest gripe, other than the horribly stereotyped characters (rich one, depressed one, virgin one, black one) was the complete lack of a plot. Somehow it began with that kid from About a Boy watching some woman with a horrible ass get naked, and ended with a stolen car being driven into a canal. I literally wanted to poke my own eyes out with a sharp object, but felt that I should give it a chance seeing as though my media lecturers have been academically frigging themselves over it. That I was thoroughly unimpressed I’m sure is an unpopular view, and we all know that I’ll probably manage to sit through it again this week under duress from the lack of Celebrity Big Brother.


Cant agree more, the advertising campaign for this wonderful piece of drama seems to invaded every orifice of my life. Well done channel 4 for trying a new approach to advertising a show (360 advertising I think is the buzz word for this blanket advertising style) and it did work and sparked genuine interest from some of my friends but must say it did make me want to burn off my own skin so I would no longer be associated in any way to the programme.

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