Dressing like a film star

Fashion, Fashion every where and what do I choose for my FASHION column… well something that isn’t fashion, its actually a movie nay a fabulous, filagree of film hehehe I doubt that makes sense but ho hum.

The film in question is Tim Burton’s DIsney Alice in Wonderland set to be release in 2010 it will feature live action and animation annnnnd be filmed in 3d!! Even more wonderful is the cast:

  • Johnny Depp (he is mine hands off, lets just not get into this debate ) as the mad hatter
  • Mia Wasikowska (who ever?) as Alice
  • Anne Hathaway as the white Queen (was there a white Queen? I’ve never read the book the disney animation was just fabulous enough for  me)
  • Helena Bonham Carter ( I get my roles because of the joys of nepitism) as the red Queen

Now why would I pick this film to talk about fashion? Why dear heart because of the eccentric cast (and director) involved! For a start Johnny Depp can make any role sexy and cool …. lets be honest CAptain Pugwash not hot CAptain Jack hot enough I’d join his band of scurvy pirates (or however they speak). My predition for 2010 is that the fashion of that moment will begin to feature card iconography and the dandy will come alive again! I love the dandy look and as waistcoats are big now they will just keep going strong…. it’s top hats I want to see!!

The reason I also draw attention to this is because of the way films have the capacity to influence art and this I think is wonderful! It allows us to bring fantasy into our worlds and dress our body in dreams and excitments!

I am sorry this short, I’m writing it in my lunch break :( but I think costume is such a wonderful part of fashion it should be celebrated when it is bought to life for general wear and tear

Now I’m off hearts, kisses and corsets wonderful reader!!1