Now to apologise to that little dutch idiot that I shat on yesterday

With phrases like how can one not love Dickie Sharpe? Being in great pain I couldn’t bring myself to get dressed and drink till the world becomes pretty and so I settled in with UKTV Drama and Sharpe’s waterloo. I know its an old show but Sean Bean playing lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe making the yorkshire accent sound sexy is enough to  make it relevant…or at least to me! - yet strangely works? Boney-M for emporer of France!

Anoother fun line was in referance to the Duke of Orange, played by the lovely Paul bettany. This was when one of the english soldiers refered to him as that orange bloke which probably seems really whatever to everyone else but when it just randomly comes from one of the extras somewhere hidden in the scene it just mde me laugh my litttle socks off… because i did expect to see some perma-tanned dude rather than the fair haired and pasty paul… plus they all sound like bricklayers with their northern accents.

Of course I also enjoyed the choice phrase of “he has more guns and he’ll pound us” - sharpe i’ll let you pound me … wait sorry got a bit lost in my own sordid thoughts - anyways thats the whole fun of sharpe they make these really masculine comments that just sound so wrong and silly and they do it with such seriousness that the only choice is to give in and love the widely inappropriate insults and engulf yourself in a whole delicatessants worth of cheese - and theirs no cheap cheddar one can assure you!

so if your bored of all the trying to be clever period dramas, are soooo over reality tv and the american accent is getting toooo much for your ears indulge yourself in the bean …. no i don’t mean touchin the naughty female place (though after 2hrs with sharpe i could quite understand…all that testosterone) and remember a time of chivalry and terrible terrible battle scenes (by terrible i mean the worst directed/acted but its fabulous for it!)

ooooo and exciting news Sharpe’s peril is in post-production woooo get ready with your heavys esprey hahahahahahahaha

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  • Dylan
    Am I the only person who loves Sharpe for the writing and, to a lesser extent, the acting?

    No need to answer that. Also, he always has an amazing female star. The revolutionary Spanish girl for example............
  • Small
    yes dylan, you are in fact the only person who loves Sharpe for reasons other than his stubble/face/accent/general suave demeanor.

    how does that make you feel?

    and no1 pays attention to the girls! i saw Sean Bean and Samantha Bond at the theatre, in Macbeth and i wasn't like 'OMG its Moneypenny'

    silly hetero dylan :P
  • don't pay attention to Mark mr Dylan .... Sharpe is the bestest ever and wooo to the hetero power!! I love the writting because they come up with their witty and insulting lines
  • Andy
    Me and my old house mate love Sharpe for the history, the writing, and, most importantly, the fighting!
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