Book Club: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The story of Twilight isn’t that complex instead attempting to focus on the strong emotions that teenager Bella feels as she falls in love for the first time.

Bella is 17 and decides to move from big city Pheonix to live with her father in small town Forks after her mother goes traveling with her new boyfriend. Bella falls in love with local vampire Edward who in turn falls for her, he goes on and on about why being together would be dangerous for the both of them whilst she constantly say its alright we are in love.  A story finally kicks in around the 400page mark when another clan of vampires toodles into town and one of them really likes the smell of Bella, this leads to a bit of a chase across America as Edward and his family try to keep Bella safe. Then it all ends well with a nice American prom.

Through this whole bland sub Anne Rice story there are sexual undertones as Edward and Bella can barely touch because Edward might get all fangy and eat her, but this complex desire and denial is barely touched upon and it comes across a little as though Miss Meyer is writing her wank fantasy from school where she was booky and nerdy and no one noticed her, this is her chance to get the hot boy. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Miss Meyer had never experienced sex or at least passion as she writes with a clear lack of both.

But as much as I may have found it all a little bland I couldn’t help but like it for its naive charm and made me feel like a ten year old reading point horror novels. Hopefully any one who reds the Twilight books will move onto the rich world of Anne Rice.

Now the questions part.

The character of Bella constantly needs saving by Edward, do you think that is misogynistic and detrimental to how young girls might view themselves if they read this book?

The original front cover of Twilight was white hands holding a red apple, symbolising forbidden fruit and chastity do you think that these messages were clear within the novel?

Bella is very aware of good and evil and the danger she has put herself in, in my opinion evil is always shown as male, what do you think?

Could Bella be considered even more dangerous than Edward, she is aware of the danger she is in but still wont leave his side, does this make her a little pathetic and stalker like?

Please discuss any other thoughts and feelings on this book below.