This is my first time writing, ever! Well, the first time I have written on Your Face anyway. I must admit I have chosen one of the BEST things ever to write about. For the last god knows how many months I have been ranting and raving about the next Disney Pixar film Wall-e and have been counting down the days to its release and can now tell you I was not disappointed. On the day of its release my other half had put a couple of doubts in my mind as the METRO review of it was not the best it could have been. I’m glad to say “Woman writing for the METRO, you are wrong!”. With a basic plot of a lonely, love thirsty robot (Wall-e) left on Earth to clean it up, he is soon besotted with the company of a very shy enviromental probe robot called Eve and after giving her the simple gift of a plant, proceeds to follow her though space to make sure he doesn’t lose the love of his life. This simple but very effective story has you both laughing and crying and somtimes both at the same time as he gets himself into a lot of mischief and trouble while trying to understand the goings on in a big ship full of people who have forgotten some of the things that make them human, one of those being love. Most of the films I like, I like as a whole but tend to have little bits in them that annoy me slightly but in the case of Wall-e my simple sum up of this film is that I LOVED IT, ALL OF IT!! GO SEE IT, NOW!

Thank you for your time,

Alex, ;-)

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  • Blackett
    This is possibly one of the most beautiful films I have eve seen. Its refreshing in a time when studios such as Dreamworks think that a good kids film is made up of bright characters being 'wacky' that Pixar are brave enough to take a step back an re-invent in the wheel again.

    Who would have thought that a silent film about robots falling in love would be so captivating. I would happily watch this over and over again.
  • CraigB
    I, too, loved this film. So much, I loved it twice. My other half heard a woman complaining on the radio that 'Pixar shouldn't have made a film with such little dialogue that he children became restless'. I say that the woman shouldn't have fed her little darlings so many smarties all washed down with a pint of coke. Pixar have probably made one of their all-time masterpieces in this film. Really, really touching.
  • Andy
    It sounds like her main cause for complaint is that her kids are thick. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this, which is surprising because I actively dislike CGI animations and HATED The Incredibles.
  • Blackett
    You didnt like 'The Incredibles'?

    Get out
  • Dora James
    kids are fine for watching it that woman is an idiot in fact kids love it they tell you off for mispronoucing the title!! Might I add lightsabres are evil evil weapons for telling people off with and very much hurt

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