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Roisin Murphy - Overpowered


Roisin Murphy has been making music for over ten years starting off with Moloko and with her second solo album she proves that when it comes to electonica (if you can even class her as that) she is ahead of every one else. This is a very solid album with a number of stand out tracks, namely the title track ‘Overpowered’ which has such odd lyrics as ‘my data, your data the chromosones match.’ Delivered in Miss Murphy’s odd theatrical way you cant help but want to hear more.

However I can’t help but feel this is a bit of a step backwards. Roisin Murphy’s first solo project ‘Ruby Blue’ with Mathew Herbert was the oddest mix of electronic and Jazz that she really set herself apart from Moloko. However with this album it could be mistaken for the newest Moloko album. So if you were only introduced to Miss Murphy with the ‘Ruby Blue’ album you may be disappointed with what is on offer here. However if you are a long term follower or your on the hunt for some new music you could do a lot worse than spend your sheckles on this piece of perfect pop.