Hancock the Thieving Bastard

Over the years I have gained rather negative feelings towards Mr. Smith, its not for any particular reason, only that he seems to star in over budgeted bland films but off I went to see Hancock on a bit of a family outing. And I was pleasantly surprised. The story is about Hancock a homeless man with super powers who tends to get it a little wrong when fighting crime causing millions of dollars worth of damage every time he puts a bad guy behind bars. All well and good and I thought ‘my isn’t this refreshing to have a super hero film when its not an origins tale.’ I thought the idea of a superhero having to have some one in charge of his PR was nice and post modern and I didn’t even mind when PR mans wife (a very old looking Charlize Theron, I grieve for her now dead broad shouldered beauty) turned into a super hero and muddied the water of what could have been a perfectly good film with out her. A very solid 3 out of 5 film.

That was until by pure chance I read Neil Gaiman’s take on ‘The Eternals’ series and I started to notice a number of similarities and for you lucky readers I will now list them.

  • Hancock has actually been an immortal super hero for a couple of thousand years, so have The Eternals
  • Hancock lost his memory 30 years previous to the film, oddly the same thing happened to The Eternals.
  • Hancock had had a rather violent on/off relationship with lead female lady over the couple of thousand years, in the land of The Eternals lead dude and lead lady had a very similar relationship.

These are only a few, they do however differ in that Neil Gaiman’s story is incredible where as Hancock was a little meh. Its just a shame that the new run of The Eternals doesnt carry with it the same energy as Gaimanns and takes itself a little too seriously.

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  1. I thought this film looked a bit crap, have not seen it so don’t know really but most Hollywood big films are total rip offs of other peoples work so not surprised that this one stole its whole story from The Eternals’ that last film I saw Will Smith in was I am legend and I was so angry at how much they ruined this film as the book I am legend is a great book and beautifully written and dealt alot with what the human would go through when kept in complete isolation not what the human mind would do if a bunch of cgi monsters ( that looked like they where stole from resident evil 2!) chasing you! they didn’t even call them vampires which is what they are!!! but read the book and you will see my disapproval at Will Smith and Hollywood for shitting all over everything as usual.

  2. that last comment was all over show but I am half asleep so I apologize :) hehehe

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