Logan: Part two of three.

God bless Thursdays. It turns an otherwise dreary day into wonderous joyful-ness. Yes.

My first comment for this second issue of three part Logan, is that thank the good comic-lord the front cover is made of proper paper this time and not sugar paper covered in prit-stik.

Logan has always been portrayed as animalistic and violent, but I’m quite enjoying the almost childlike, feral way that Vaughan is writing him into this series. The delicate interplay between Logan and Atsuko, although not particularly linguistically stunning is touching, and when she dies I did feel a little twinge. However, I’m worried that this is all going to be over too soon. I personally could have done with one more issue with Atsuko; just long enough to properly build the relationship between her and Logan, which ultimately seems to be based on pity and a need for company.

This issue has a slight twist with the American soldier from the first issue returning, only to murder Atsuko. Turns out he also is a mutant of some kind, but one that cannot be killed much in the same way as Captain Jack of Torchwood. A little predictably they fight, then a plane flies overhead and an atomic bomb is dropped on the two.

The final images are of a skinless Logan crawling from the wreckage of the land around them.

I’m not really sure where Vaughan is going with this, and unless the last issue is a bit longer than the previous two, I’m not convinced that I’m not going to be disappointed at the end.