Brian K Batman

The whole world has gone Batman crazy, and so have we a little with our reviews of Dark Knight here and Miss Blakeboroughs look at the Hush mini series here. But who can blame us, the The Dark Knight is an awesome film

But with every incredible amazing thing comes the money grabbing bastards who want to get some of the bat pennies floating around and that is pretty much how this collection of Brian K. Vaughns Batman tales has come about being reprinted. You see, befor Brian became the all encompasing god that we know and love today he was a skivvy like me and you, but in a slightly cooler industry and he created many stories for various people in the DC universe.

This collection is rather niffty, its not all one story as I expected but two two parters and two stand alones. A little bit of Batman knowledge is requiered for complete understanding. If you dont know the history of Oracle or Nightwing then the first story may be a little lost on you. And as I have next to no knowledge of the Wonder Woman history Wikipedia became my new best friend.

By his own admission Brian isn’t the greatest at writing for some one elses characters, but he does a darn good job here. The tale of false faces which delves into the other alter egos of Bruce Wayne that he uses to delve into the crime world of Gotham. From this dark tale it jumps to the rediculous tale of the Mad Hatter who sets about release the Jabberwocky which as odd as it sounds does actually work.

The second half of the book has only a tenious connection to Batman, Wonder Woman takes centre stage in in one tale and then a mysterious hunter of Batman in Skullduggery and as far as I am aware his actual identity is never revealed but is used as a very clever mouth piece for Biran to point out how weird the world of Gotham is, and its probably my favourite stroy in this collection.

Not a neccesary buy if you are wanting to get only the best of the Batman world but if you have a few spare sheckles I could suggest worst things.