Torchwood- Dead Man Walking

Claires Tag

It barely seems like yesterday it began again, but already we’re at episode 7 of the new series. Last week, my living room and the rats who live there were subject to my howls of dismay that Owen Harper had just been shot. Dead.

Or so I thought. In a slightly predictable twist, this episode features Captain Jack finding another resurrection glove, and um…resurrecting Owen. Except this time instead of doing the “Hello, I’m alive, oh crap I have two minutes…oh no, I’m dead again” that we’ve seen before, he seems to be back to stay. Oh, and Death is trying to cross into the mortal world through him. All in a day, eh?

I’m still divided in my own mind about whether or not I liked this episode. I was sad last week when Owen was seemingly gone, but I’m not sure I’m keen on how he’s gone all ‘Death Becomes Her’ on us. A lot of the witter banter seems to be gone this time as well; even in the saddest of moment we can usually rely on the Torchwood gang to make an innappropriate joke about a fanny or masturbation.

Of course, this is Torchwood and its never all bad news. I thoroughly enjoyed Old Martha and some very clever makeup, and fanwanked a little bit about the appearence of some Dark-Willow black contact lenses. I was a bit put out with the finale mind you. I really thought Owen’s battle with Death (some dubious CGI going on there) would culminate in him sacrificing himself in order to stop it. It didn’t, and that would have been a nice surprise, but like the whole episode this really seemed like a brilliant idea, slightly badly implemented.

Still, every series has to have some low points, and if this is as bad as it gets, then Torchwood is still as bloody amazing as I always knew it was.