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Resident Evil 5: My Thoughts.

Ta Da, I have finished Resident Evil 5, purely on my lone self with no walk through or guide and now I feel rather proud of my self I will share with you the my thoughts on a game that alot of people have waited almost 5 years for.
The story carries on in a loose [...]

Resident Evil 5 Demo Verdict

So here I am a little late with my thoughts on the Resident Evil 5 Demo but those infernal poo heads at Microsoft (or possibly Capcom) decided that only gold membership folk were allowed the honour of playing the Resident Evil 5 demo. Now that us plebs are allowed to play I can revel in [...]

New Resident Evil 5 Trailer

I have tried to be good and avoid anything to do with Resident Evil 5 but my will is weak and I caved and by Jesus I am glad I did. So from what I can gather we can expect loose ends tied up a little more and a hell of alot of nods to [...]

Resident Evil: Degeneration

The hype wagon for Resident Evil 5 has kicked into full flow with this release of straight to DVD zombie joy.
Acting as a prequal of sorts to Resident Evil we see the terrible two-some of Leon S. Kennedy and and Claire Redfield battle zombie hordes as a tale of stock exchanges, government cover ups and [...]