Two New ‘Faces’

Fun as threesomes are, three is such a small number, so we felt it was time to become a ménage à…erm…cinq.

Yes, there will be five times the goodness on Your Face Is An Advert from now on. Five times as many opinions. Five times as many arguments. Five!

We’re like the Power Rangers of the media world. Well, technically the Power Rangers are the Power Rangers of the media world, but you get the idea.

So, today we unmask two new writers. You may have seen some of their work here before, but you’ll certainly be seeing lots more of it from now on. Introducing…

Mademoiselle Kirsty Coffield-Brown


Monsieur David Morgan

Kirsty likes walks in the rain, inappropriate jokes, dressing as Disney princesses, strident feminism and a stiff drink.

David likes sugar in all its forms, the funny of the world and dancing when only he can hear the rhythm.

We have chosen these two awesome fellows as they have proved to be, well I can’t think of a better word than niffty.

Miss Coffield-Brown is always ready to have an opinion on all things wise and wonderful all creatures great and small. She will even share her opinions when others aren’t in the room, as you can see from her work this weekend.

Dora the Explorer Wants a Boob Job

Miss Moss and the Mini Model Epidemic

She has a wonderful view on the world and will bring it to rights one issue at the time, whilst at the same time wearing alot of pink.

If you are a regular you will know Mr. Morgan as he has been our resident know it all on all things comedy and our few times reporter on Big Brother until it became so dull that he scratched his own eyes out. He has also been the one who has made this website work and made it look spiffy.

So can I have a warm hand and plenty of cheering for Mr Morgan and Miss Coffield - Brown

With mucho love,

Blackett, Blakeborough and Small.

About the Author


Claire is a twenty-something year old lady writer, media whore and technophile. She is yet to find her proper vocation in life and every day brings a new idea. Today? Firewoman or Vampire Slayer. Tomorrow? Who knows. Claire LOVES Doctor Who, Buffy, novels, adaptation, music of all kinds and cheese and dislikes untidiness and un-sanded wood. Stalk her on Twitter @Blakeborough or email [email protected].
  • I love you all soooooo much and its not so much walking in the rain as walking to have sex in the rain wahaha!!!

    hopefully the world won't be to astounded by us that it blows up in admiration

    lots of hugs and kisses

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