Resident Evil: Degeneration

The hype wagon for Resident Evil 5 has kicked into full flow with this release of straight to DVD zombie joy.

Acting as a prequal of sorts to Resident Evil we see the terrible two-some of Leon S. Kennedy and and Claire Redfield battle zombie hordes as a tale of stock exchanges, government cover ups and illegal drug trafficing slowly unfolds. With a giant Nemesis like creature, the rise of a new evil organization out of the ashes of Umbrella and an airport filled with zombies the film has alot of potential, but does it live up to it?

So what was it like I hear you ask and I would respond with a resounding meh. There is far too much talking for what should be a horror/action film, this talking seriously suffers from translation issues, the Japanese to English is more than a little iffy. The 15 rating means that the violent sections (which there are so few of) fall a little flat, there are random spirts of blood but the disgusting shots you want to cringe away from are no where to be seen.

But its not aweful. If you are a fan of the series you will love the little nods to previous games, the map screen music playing when they have to get to one side of an airport filled with zombies is my personal favourite. But there is enough wrong that I felt a little dissapointed, Claire and Chris barely shared any screen time instead a women who looked like Angelina Jolie was shoe horned in with some story about her brother wanting to expose the zombie cover up was shoe horned in. The whole tale also felt a little bit misogynistic with Leon having to save the day at every point poor Claire just looked a bit lost and then cried a little because she got a cut on her leg.

I would reccomend this to people who love Resident Evil. But if you know nothing I would stear clear.