Katamari Damacy Tribute

Beautiful Katamari is one of my favourite games on the 360, now if you are not familiar with this ball rolling puzzle/action game, the aim is to use a big sticky ball to roll up a variety of different objects, people, continents or stars to help out the King of the Cosmos who has created some sort of drama. Its the Japanese oddness that truly gives this games its charm, well that and the feeling of satisfaction you get as you hear a whole city scream as you roll your giant Katamari over it.

The latest game in the series is a tribute (kind of in the title) to the previous titles, with the greatest levels all rolled into one beautiful treat as well as a bunch of new ones for good measure. Fans will notice a new cell shaded design for certain levels as well as those spying closely to the trailer an Okami inspired level where the Katamari plants flowers rather than sucking them up.

The sad news is that this is currently a PS3 only title, boo and indeed hiss.