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Recently I was listening to the ‘Amnesty International Secret Policeman’s BallPodcast presented by the tremendous Robin Ince with the totally underated Stewart Lee (from my hometown don’tcha know, mind you so was Iain Duncan Smith so the less said the better) These two men L O V E comedy and Lee in particular studies it like an artform. Ince asks Lee many questions and the most interesting ones come when he is asked about why he left stand up for a while.

It’s a loooooooong answer and if you are into comedy I very very much suggest you download this awesome podcast, to paraphrase a brilliant man, Lee said he didn’t have anything let to talk about and was bored of cynicism, but then he saw people like Boothby Graffoe, David O’Doherty and Josie Long who all talk about things that they love and are so full of joy you laugh with them in a different way.

I don’t know where I’m going with this other than it be a lovefest for Mr Lee and Ince as they’re excellent and interesting in this podcast - so go listen people and be inspired and stop watching Michael Mcintyre.

Next week I’ll research something properly!

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David is a Twenty Five year old Boy who loves Design, Comedy, Disney and Doctor Who. He works as a Graphic Designer and sometimes stands up in front of people and tries to make them laugh. You can find him on Twitter @thisisdavid and at
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