Hannah Spearritt Retrospective

Hannah Spearritt- what are you now?

In honour of Primeval returning to our screens in 2011, I’ve spent a rather pleasant evening looking at the beautiful face of Hannah Spearritt.Loved her the most in S Club 7, loved her even more when she cut her hair like a lesbian and started playing with dinosaurs. Oh and the pants…

So, enjoy my retrospective of images. They aren’t in order; I don’t know what some of them are from and I’ve learned that Ugg Boots are even more of an abomination than I first thought.

Edit: I’ve just taken a closer look at the black and white pic of S Club. Who thought that pose was a good idea? Bradley looks like he’s on day release from a secure ward, Tina’s head has fallen off and Jon is holding Rachel’s ovaries in. Oh and Paul has some sort of weird deformed hand; is it down his pants? Jo is making her usual ‘I’m tough. I like engines’ face. Hannah looks fine. She could be wearing Jon Lee as a headdress and I’d think she was hot.