Disgusting Dalek

This is a new one. A food related blog.

Apologies for the image quality, but the sheer vileness of these branded Doctor Who Dalek cookies caused my camera to take a wonky picture. You’ll notice a valient attempt by my other half to make them edible by putting white chocolate…things…in the correct places.

“Ooh! Doctor Who cookies shaped like Daleks” we thought, “What a treat it will be.”

Wrong. It seems that the vast majority of the 17p that was spent producing the ‘make your own cookies’ pack was on obtaining a nice image of Mr Tennent rather than putting any actual ingredients into the mix.

When I was at Primary school, as part of ‘arts and crafts’, we were told to make badges and ornaments out of salty dough, which we would then bake in the oven and paint; presenting them later to our parents who would smile encouragingly then put them in the bin.

That’s exactly what these Doctor Who cookies taste like. Salty, unpleasant biscuits made from cardboard and evil.

dalek cookies - Yuk. (ours were reduced to 75p)