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Your Face is Dead

Hello everyone, anyone? Somebody?

It is with genuine regret that we are announcing the death of yourfaceisanadvert.com. After almost five years of amusing ourselves and hopefully one or two other people we have decided that we need to focus on other projects.

A big thank you to every one who has ever read what we have had to say, you have no idea how much we appreciate your help. This website has set us all on some amazing adventures and we couldn’t do it with out you.

But all is not lost. As we all crave so much attention you can still find us across the internet and in one case on stage. If this were a TV series this would be the moment of flash forward or a tear jerking montage but instead you will get some text and a hyper link or two. Less impressive, but functional.

Claire Blakeborough

Claire has become Queen of online at 69 Degrees. She is also continuing to put words and squiggles on paper- some for children, some definitely not- all in the hope of accidentally creating the next Harry Potter.” You can also catch her ramblings on twitter (@blakeborough.)

David Blackett

David has gone one a bit of a tangent and now rules space, well at least the space centre website and all digital content (spacecentre.co.uk.) David also likes to write for himslef, but you can look too, over at boysies.tumblr.comboysies.com and of course twitter @boysies.

David Morgan

We fully expect that you will be so sick of the name David Morgan by the end of this year that you will rue the day you ever heard it. Mr. Morgan has taken to the stage to tell funnies, you can keep track of what he is up to over at thisisdavid.com or his youtube channel youtube.com/thisisdavidmorgan and on twitter @thisisdavid.

We also can’t forget Mr. Mark Small who is now a historian type and doing stuff with chruches, you can find him on twitter here: @thehistoryb0y. There was also the wonderful Kirsty Coffield-Brown who gave us some of the most articulate pieces, she is now teaching kids to be as fantastic as her.

We hope you all become amazing people. We all plan to be.

Thank you.

The yourface team.