Hidden Facts and Utterly Repellent Menswear

Adverts, adverts, adverts. They’re the reason we started this blog in the first place.

Unfortunately I seem to be the only person that cares about these two. One of them is extremely badly worded and the other is either a devastatingly stupid thing to do, or an attempt to get the ad talked about.

The offenders are Natwest and Marks & Spencer.

Apparently they don’t want anyone to actually look at their adverts- so after 45 mins of searching for a link to the damn things, I’ll have to make do with trying to record them for you.

Natwest- you’ll have seen it. I guarantee it. If not, it does seem to be on during every ad break, so I’m sure I’ll record it soon. Somehow I feel the line “nothing hidden; just the facts.” was a bit of a mistake. If not and this was someone trying to be funny and/or clever- then don’t. Just don’t. Everyone in the UK hates the banks. Regardless of how much we do or don’t own of you.

Marks and Spencer- I honestly thought I had this wrong. However, this press release proves that I don’t.  As apparently M&S’s first menswear ad, the tagline ‘Utterly Repellent Menswear’ is just horrible. It doesn’t matter that your new disgustingly shiny suits are water repellent. Repellent still means repulsive. You know what, maybe these adverts have worked because I’m talking about them and actually the M&S one doesn’t offend me as much as Natwest. Who just offend me in general.