Primeval : Series 3 : Episode Two

Well it appears that only we care enough about Primeval to keep writing about it! Shame really because it really could have been ITV’s Doctor Who.

This episode reminds us how much fun series one was with a smaller cast… Prof. McMiscastKeating is busy making his 3d model of time (seriously) now that they’ve given up on Dinos and moved to Mytical Beasts (again seriously) forgoten that they have an anomily detector and that they’re now a government agency with seemingly unlimited access and money, ugh, the new Heavy Handed Gun Boy is busy wandering around in Lycra, Mr Miller had a day off and the new Token Ethnic casting lady is ‘researching’ (shame really she was the best thing about last week!)

We’re left with Mouse Geek, Hanna SClub and AltReality PR Bitch (yes I’d almost forgotten too). Now cut to a house where some boys went missing (I’m sensing an end of series revelation) a cop with a connection, a pointless red coated supposedly creepy girl and a (I think) Gargoyle off of Medieval times what can go all invisible to save on CGI.

The episode has a nice revelation laden narrative arc and worked so much better than last week, had a great atmosphere and at points was tense and others funny. I just get irritated when they’re trying to make it psudo real world and scientific that they don’t bother Googleing the house they’re checking out or even bringing along one of the wandering heavies to check it out with them - this series begs for an awesome Show Runner who could grab hold of it.

The recklessly added series arc really jars with the episode’s feel and further proves that 6 episodes is not enough for a Buffy style mini bad / big bad arc, Who sometimes barely manages with 13 episodes. Primeval needs some love and more money. they really could make it fantastic.

Next week they seem to be going all out against Who - guess I’ll have to try to get ITV player working, Who is going to win in this house!

oh and ps ITV … TOO MANY GUNS! we actually saw a man get shot dead this week, not good.

Oh and excuse the picture of Ben, ITV don’t give us pics like BBC do and he’s kinda hot, it’ll have to do if they can’t even be arsed to update their own website :(