T Mobile. Live Advert. Love It.

With the recession being a bit of a bugger for all of us and people having less money to spend it is the poor people in marketing that begin to suffer as they get fired one by one as advertising is reduced but hoorah to those clever clogs who cling on to their jobs with the skin of their teeth and create beauties such as this. I love live adverts (ok I know this wasn’t broadcast live but it was filmed live, well I suppose all things are filmed live, oh you know what I mean) the Honda advert caused a real stir and was one of the rare occasions that an advert became event television and millions tuned in just to see these people throw themselves out of an areoplane.

This ad also included one of my favourite things in the world ever! People dancing a routine at the same time in a public place, what else is there to fill a fellow with such joy. I only wish I could have been there.

2008 was a bit of a dull year for adverts and non spring to mind right now of any note, I can only hope that this coming year with purse strings being tighter the magic men who make us spend our pennies will pull a niffty trick or two out of the bag.