Watchmen - The Blackett Review

Well Miss Blakeborough has left me with very little new to say about this film and I would highly reccomend clicking here and reading her thoughts on Watchmen.

As for me, I would love to have an opposing view and have a good ol rant about how much I hate it and who do people think they are raping much loved texts with their flashy special FX and slow motion editing. But sadly I can not. I thought this film was a rather good fun filled trip to the cinema. Each frame was a beautiful treat as I watched the graphic novel come to life befor my very eyes.

And I am all for films not being a carbon copy of their source text, different media have to tell stories in different ways. Just as long as they keep the feel or soul of the original then I am happy and this very much tells the tale of the Watchmen. The changed ending is perfect, giant vagina, alien, mutant squid would have just looked a bit daft, like a shitty Cloverfield.

But if I was going to knit pick then I would have to agree with Claire and say mutant cat thing was not needed. I also thought that Adrian Veidt was not as beautful as I imagined him to be, this guy is meant to be the perfect human and I just felt he did not have the jawline.

I also think that maybe this was a tad too long and possibly could have done with a theatrical cut and then gone all Lord of the Rings on DVD. This could have made a kick as action film with a bit more depth than your average joe flick but I think its length will alienate some cinema goers and possibly challenge them to much to the point of not caring.

But I love it.