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Locke and key has just finished with its sixth instalment, was it a disappointment not at all. Locke and key is the story of a family that falls victim to a murder and end up moving to a relative’s home. The series focuses on the aftermath of this murder and its effects on the family. The youngest child Bode explores the house and unlocks its mysteries. Meanwhile the murderer plots an escape with the aid of someone.  It’s hard to create a synopsis for this comic series that won’t give too much away so that’s all you’re getting on what happens.

What you need to know is that the story is very well told. The characters and their back stories are dealt with to enhance the narrative without revealing too much which leaves you wanting to know the characters and what will happen next.  I found myself flicking the pages at a fast pace just waiting to see what would happen next. The small scale of the story means that it can focus on little details from the angst of Ty, to the feelings of needing to conform of Kinsey, through to the cute endearing naivety of Bode.

The comics are also nice little objects. Beautiful covers with a use of varnishing make them feel a little special. The pages are a standard gloss but this does the illustrations justice, the colouring is rather clean and not quite to my taste but the line work is beautiful and the characterisation and movement is drawn with skill and this comes through wonderfully.

Locke and Key is a comic that’s definitely a must read. Beautiful and an excellent story and that’s the last I will say on it. Roll on the next instalment in winter 08.

Toodle-pip  Ryan< ><->

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  • Blackett
    I dont think I need to say how much I have loved this series, I have written about it enough times. I am glad other people are discovering and sharing the love, it makes me sad to see extra copied in forbidden planet weeks after release.
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