Lift Off at Curve: Part 3: The Night My Knees Gave Out

I shan’t need to introduce Curve to anyone as Mr Morgan has already shared with us his experience of Lift Off earlier on in the week and it seems that today we shall all be chipping in, though Blackett was slightly quicker off the mark than me!

Today it was the myself and the missus’ chance to see it all for ourselves. Now we’re a tough and critical bunch at the best of times, but I live spitting distance from Curve and have had to endure months and months of drilling, circular sawing at 5:45am on a Saturday and builders yelling obsenities at each other so I hate to admit that I was ready to be extremely critical of Curve.

After being herded like cattle around the outside of the building by a very annoying woman in a crash helmet we were all shoved into the practice area of the auditorium where poet Michael Brome treated us to a specially prepared speech about inclusiveness and love and Leicester and some other things. As Mr Morgan has already pointed out from his night at the theatre I also have no idea what he was talking about as not only was his manner slightly intimidating but the hoarde of elderly gentlemen behind us were all asking in loud stage whispers where the rest of the stage was.

Then there was Sharon D Clarke. Its impossible to not love this woman and I can only assume that the musical backing had been sorted out since Thursday as I got a little shiver during some of the song. Then Opera Lady (Fiona Dunn) on a string. Very good.

I think my highlight of the entire evening had to be the NoFit State Circus. Wonderfully weird, hugely talented and genuinely engaging throughout. Not that I ever get sick of beautiful women doing the splits in the air. Brilliant.

After they had gone the rest of the entertainment became a little strange. I’m also not sure what the worryingly muscley pre-teen boys jumping over a motorbike had to do with anything, and Sharon D Clarke’s second performance was drowned out by the thumping pain in my knees.

So, my verdict is;

  • Loved Sharon D Clarke, Fiona Dunn and NoFit State Circus.
  • Couldn’t see any of the traditional Indian dancing due to inconsiderate people with children on their shoulders.
  • Was confused by the gymnastics.

All in all, 3.5 out of 5 Curve. I couldn’t agree more with the boys that most of the audience hadn’t got the slightest clue what was going on and the advertising and marketing has been frankly non existant.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my night out at the theatre even though I’m currently paying for all the standing.