The Pope

Another week goes by and another shockingly ill-informed, bigotted and generally stupid comment from Pope Benedict XVI.

Pink News says:

“Pope Benedict XVI today added to the controversy over the Catholic church’s stance on condoms when he argued that they were not the answer to Africa’s fight against HIV and Aids and could even make the problem worse.”

Wonderful. Hopefully most sensible, informed people have stopped listening to him by now because this is not only ridiculous but massively dangerous if taken seriously. Condoms are the only proven barrier against the HIV virus, and although not without their problems are the best solution we have at the moment. It seems that the Pope forgets that much of the HIV contracted in Africa is the product of rape rather than extramarital relationships. Having said that he pretty much condemns everyone equally, so I’m sure that rape victims are also going to hell just like us gays, single mothers, transsexuals and every other person that doesn’t fit into his view of perfection. Well, we can have a lovely party without him. And he looks like Quark from DS9. So there.