The Leicester Comedy Festival

So as you know I’m doing a show at the Leicester Comedy Festival but I’m not the only thing on, even if that is how I make it sound. Here’s a list of 13 (long I know but it could have been MUCH longer) awesome people to see.

In ALPHABETICAL order, cus that’s the way the brochure does it.


20:00, Thursday 17 February, Firebug £7/5

Like nothing you’ll have seen before. This two piece hip-hop posse will amuse and amaze you with off the cuff raps delivered with bizarre skill. Really funny, Really awesome. (and they’re bloody lovely)

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 Abandoman on Facebook


Iain Stirling
20:30, Saturday 12 February, Belmont Hotel £5

The wonderful Iain Stirling may be on CBBC (he’s a the modern day Andi Peters, if a little camper) but don’t bring your little ones to this as he’s got a filthy mouth on him a very funny filthy mouth mind. (he’s also on this list cus he’s very pretty)

(this show is a double with the also very good Sean McLoughlin)

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lovely Iain on twitter


James Sherwood
19:30, Monday 14  & Tuesday 15 February, The Exchange Bar £5/4

I’m a sucker for awesome comedy songs and Mr Sherwood delivers just that. A brilliant songwriter and funny funny man James has been on the Vote Now show providing topical ditties and sprinkled all over the Radio Four schedules like a magnificent dressing.

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James’ Website

Joe Lycett & Andrew Ryan
19:00, Friday 18 & Saturday 19 February, The Crumblin’ Cookie £5

Joe and Andrew are AMAZING. Seriously, go and see them. Funny funny boys.  They have also been featured in Attractive Men in Knitwear, if you needed another reason to go.

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Master Joe Lycett’s website
Andrew Ryan’s Irish website

Joel Dommett
19:00, Saturday 5  &  20:00, Sunday 6 February, The Crumblin’ Cookie £5

I hate Joel Dommett. He is beautiful and hilarious and lovely. It is not fair. He was on the brilliant Popatron on BBC Switch and he was in skins. He’s the cool kid at comedy school, bet he’s even got one of those jackets with a big letter on the front.

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Joel’s fun website


Marcel Lucont
21:00 Friday 4 February, The Crumblin’ Cookie £7

Like nothing else you will see. Marcel is a French misanthropist and lover. If you’re in a relationship expect your wife or girlfriend to stay behind with him when you leave.

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Marcel on Facebook


Nat Luurtsema
20:30, Sunday 6 February, The Belmont Hotel £6/5

It’s Lurt Seee Mah should you be booking tickets by phone. Nat is a wonderful stand up and was in the ‘should have been a series’ Girl Friday. Pop along and see her, she’s aces.

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Nat’s website

Nick Helm
20:00, Wednesday 16 February, Firebug £7/5 (double bill with Elis James)
19:30, Saturday 19 February, The Belmont Hotel £6/5

Nick Helm’s Edinburgh Show, Hold on to the Gold should have won an Eddie award. Nick brings that and his brand new show to Leicester and you need to see them. He is brilliant.

(Elis James, who is doing the double bill on the Wednesday is also fantastic)

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Nick’s website


Paul Foot
20:00, Friday 18, Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 February, The Crumblin’ Cookie £8/6

Words can’t describe. You may have seen Mr Foot on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’. He is a force of nature and you should catch him in my favorite venue, it’s intimate and brilliant - as is Paul!

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Paul Sinha
20:00, Saturday 19 , Embrace Arts £10/7

Quite possibly the cleverest funny person I’ve met. Paul’s shows are wonderfully written and very funny. You’ll have heard him on Radio 4′s Now Show and The News Quiz and on one particular news programme in which a racist called Paul a racist, see how Paul fights back.

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Paul’s website


Tom Allen
20:00, Thursday 17 February, The Exchange Bar £6/5

Fellow homosexual, a bit of a Stephen Fry to my Louie Spence, Tom Allen can tell amazing stories and let you into his wonderful life. Tom explores why people have to toughen up and how they survive as he avoids getting beaten up.

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Tom’s website


Vikki Stone
20:30, Thursday 17 February, The Crumblin’ Cookie £6/5

Fellow musical theatre fan Vikki (who informed me it’s Marie the baguettes, Hurry up and not Maurice) drags her band ‘The Flashbacks’ up to Leicester to sing more rude and hilarious songs.

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Vikki’s website


Zoe Lyons
20:00, Thursday 17 February, Embrace Arts £12/10

Brilliant Zoe is one of my favorite comedians. Fresh of the Comedy Roadshow she should now be, quite rightly, heading into the spotlight. Catch her at the lovely Embrace Arts on University Road before she’s selling out De Montfort Hall.

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Zoe’s website

Phewf! Well that list was whittled down from 30 and that’s just because this took longer to do than I thought. Expect me to add another one of these posts when I realise I’ve forgotten someone awesome.

Just for reference this is where I’ll be during the festival…

Tuesday 8 February - 18:30, Bellyful of Laughs for Leicester Charity Link - The Almanack  £25 (inc. Dinner)
Wednesday, 9 February - 19:30, Triple Threat - The Crumbin’ Cookie, £3
Wednesday, 9 February - 21:00, Comedy at the Cookie - The Crumbin’ Cookie, £5/4
Friday, 11 February - 20:00, Leicester Stands Up, Highlight £7
Saturday, 12 February - 13:00 Leicester vs The Rest of the World, Highlight £4/5
Wednesday, 16 February - 21:00, Comedy at the Cookie - The Crumbin’ Cookie, £5/4

Would be lovely to see you