GTA IV: Male Full Frontal

Grand Theft Auto is well known for causing controvers but mainly through violence and parents/christian groups getting into a tizz that the youth of today will become corrupt through their actions in this game. However it is currently kicking up a bit of media storm with this video from the new episode ‘Lost and the Damned’ which depicts a man in his full blown glory.

As far as I am aware this is the first time that a main stream title has shown a todger and I think this is wonderful, not only because I would love to be a fly on the wall when the ‘gangsta’ types who like to play this game react when a naked man is on their 40 inch high def screen, but because I think this is one step closer to equality in gaming.

Computer games are rather sexist, mainly male heroes and the female characters always being a whorish or needing saving (Mario and Peach, Link and Zelda, Sonic and Rose) and even when women are the heroes of the day they are depicted in skanty clothing or the most talked about feature of the game is how real are the boobs, the Dead or Alive series was the most perverted in this respect. But we have seen a change in the last five years, Jade from Beyond Good and Evil was a well rounded character who didn’t have to use her female ways to get through the story, she was just a kick ass journalist, even Lara Croft has come back to being the heroine ideal she was meant to be rather than a male fantasy. The boys have even been getting less clothing, just look at Prince of Persia and his topless wall crawling ways and you can see he is there to be lusted after.

So hoorah to a willy and well done Rockstar for making such a bold move.