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Starting to like it. Boo.


I just don’t know who you are any more. A Skins boy smiled at me today at Uni. I’m hip.


Oh no it has become a sad day. Thought i was starting to like it to but then watched the O.C. and remembered what a script is, i think the people on skins should be reminded of this and a series of controversial images, naked people and durg references does not good television make. Although i am looking forward to when ITV do its own version with c list celebrities actually no wait thats what channel 4 have done. And there is the news that its going to come back for a second series! I wonder what it will try and do next to try and get commented upon in the media, my wish list for second series of skins is alot of plastic surgery i want boys becoming girl, black people becoming chinese and the south park inspired, man becoming dolphin.