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Spurred on by recent comments on older posts I though it would be time to give Skins another go and see if it has improved on its humble beginnings. Apparently not. I only managed to watch the first half hour in which the main guy (Tony who also has a face I would never tire of slapping) goes into a club takes some drugs from a bag with a big cannabis symbol on it. He dances, has a less than convincing rant style break down, goes to the toilet and defies the laws of physics by getting sick down his top. Whilst hes in the toilet he meets a women who is clearly part of his imagination who is also the devise for swearing and being this weeks controversy. Then its off to an imginary university filled with god knows what the people were meant to be. Then I switched over. In all rather painful watching, but I am alone in the world other people love it, how I wish I did.