Walking With Dinosaurs

Not the BBC televisual treat but the multimillion pound stage show that chronicles the time line we know for when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Now, I knew that there would be puppets and robots and other fancy dinosaur shaped majiggers but I had no idea of the scale to expect. Bloody huge doesn’t quite cover it. When a life sized brachiosaur is wandering around in front of you just as you’d imagine it would look its very hard to think of this show as anything other than engineering genius tinkered with by wizards.

Since childhood I’ve been obsessed with dinosaurs and to see lifesize creatures roaming around in front of you actually brought a lump to my throat. The raptors are amazing; giant puppets with puppeteers actually inside the creature performing delicate movements and legging it around the stage in a truly frightening prehistoric ballet. The sheer size of the major herbivores is stunning in its own right but each dinosaur has a personality all of its own and makes you fall in love with them in the same way as the poorly Triceratops in Jurassic Park. Ah, and speaking of which: Tyrannosaurus Rex. Absolutely terrifying, loud as all hell and with each movement making muscles ripple all over its vastness. Imagine yourself as Lex or Tim from Jurassic Park and thats how it feels when the T-Rex looks right at you and lets rip with that roar/scream.

I just loved every single second of Walking With Dinosaurs. If it wasnt so expensive for tickets (which judging by the scale and magic within the creations is perfectly justified) I would go every month. I can’t recommend it highly enough, so if you are teetering on the edge of buying tickets then just go and buy them. Immediately.