Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I almost felt like creating a whole new ident, as this doesn’t quite seem to fit under ‘Stuff and Things’. Unfortunately I really had no idea what to class this under, as I fear- fear being the operative word- that this won’t turn out to be a popular idea.

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along blog is the latest little project by Joss Whedon and his band of cronies, and tells the story of Doctor Horrible’s attempts to win the girl of his dreams, Penny, whilst having to deal with Captain Hammer foiling his evil deeds and getting it on with Penny. So far sounds good? Well it gets better. This is a musical, which automatically gives it ten cool points on top of the ten it already has for being grown in the mind of Mr Whedon.

Spoilers to follow, so join me after the break.

Its a simple plot really; guy lusts after girl, girl meets superhero, superhero is an ass, guy tries to kill superhero and ends up killing girl. Its the way in which this has all been done which makes it special for me. Firstly,  I love free things, and until tomorrow, all three Acts of Doctor Horrible are available for free via the website. They’re available on itunes now, but only in the US I’m afraid. Boo hiss.

Secondly, the whole thing has been shot on a tiny budget with a lot of the work done out of sheer love for the story. Buffy’s musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’ gave us a small glimpse of the musical potential and passion of Joss, and this finally gives him a really good outlet for it. The songs are clever, touching and very funny; my favourite line of any song…ever, going to “I’ve got his dry cleaning bill. Its for a sweater vest.” sung in three part harmony. Each and every member of the cast that has even a small part are talented and individual and Firefly and Desperate Housewive’s’ Nathan Fillion is wonderful as Captain Hammer who for all intents and purposes is a dick. I also love that the cast are made up from Angel, Buffy and Firefly favourites; Felicia Day who was Vi in Buffy in season 7 makes a beautiful Penny. Oh and Dougie Howser looks as young as he always has done as the titular villain.

I could rave forever, I really could. This is smart, funny and self aware and I wouldn’t expect any less from the pedigree of team that it has behind it. I sincerely hope that Sing-Along blogs become the new Facebook.