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O2 Street age

Right First off…. Play this game How old were you? I played it a lot. To be young, you have to be a dick to everyone and pick the expensive hat. This is supposed to make us (well those of … Continue reading

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Horne & Corden - The Emperor Has No Clothes

Some Clips from the forthcoming Horne & Corden. Continue reading

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Look at me I’m linking to the Daily Mail… FUCK

Please Read Some of This now loathed as I am to send them more Unique readers, as I’m sure most of you guys don’t visit the Daily Mail’s Website, but you have to see the context in which this rant … Continue reading

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Dale from Big Brother Takes Himself too Seriously…

He. Is. Beautiful. but unfortunately this lovey looking boy appears to be a tit. He is getting a calendar for 2009, and the people who want to buy it will just look at scans on FMForums ;o) speaking of which, … Continue reading

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The Kevin Bishop Show: Not Funny, Not Clever

Well, I’m halfway through The Kevin Bishop Show. I want to turn it off but I’m in some kind of trance, I really want to see how bad it will get. For those of you who don’t know who Kevin … Continue reading

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Pretty Lady is out, Dale is Hot, The Blind can do no wrong and Alex is a Beatch… HIRRARRIOUS.

Well hello. It’s been too long since I was last with you becuase my hands fell off after the 90 minute liveblog and my needlepoint classes… not really, it’s just it’s taken me this long to care about Big Brother! … Continue reading

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