Sky Loves Spiders, I However Don’t

This is part of the marketing campaign for the new 3D service that Sky will be rolling out in the not so distant future. Yes I know that this isn’t 3D, but if you were to travel to Liverpool’s Bug World Experience then you would see it in all its screen popping or added depth glory.

I’m rather enjoying Sky’s approach to advertising 3D at the moment. On one hand they are going for the populist ’3D make films and sport much better to watch, we promise.’ Which of course they have to, being a commercial organisation. On the other they are trying to go for the cultural market too. This spider video is one of a family of films to educate people on how to get rid of their arachnophobia and is being shown as part of an exhibition and I have also spotted a rather nifty advert with ballerinas.  Wonderful job Sky, well done.

However I would also like to highlight that arachnophobia is a perfectly normal and rational fear and should actually be encouraged. When the inevitable day arrives when all spiders come from their webs to claim the earth as their own, it is only us brave and wise souls that have learned to fear these many legged beasts that will actually be prepared.