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Holly Willoughby’s breasts [update]


I just had to put in one of the complaints received by ITV about the magnificently chested Holly, provided to me courtesy of the wonderful Holy Moly:

“I have just read the piece in the Daily Mail about Holly Willoughby. Your spokes person said you only had 5 complaints about her dress - well here’s number 6. I’m fed up with the stupid dresses she inflicts upon us. I’m sick at looking at her boobs. There are 9 million viewers? Well 3 million are probably men ogling her cleavage. I object to this kind of “titilation” taking place on family viewing programmes. Those men could go out and buy an appropriate magazine. And also while I’m writing - I have written before to complain - and no doubt I am the only one - about the stupid drumming that takes place while the newsreaders are trying to tell us the news 6 pm every night. Will you please stop doing this. I have to turn the telly right down because the drumming makes me feel ill.”

This quote made me laugh for a good 10 minutes, so it is worthy of sharing.