Britannia High: Fame 2.0 with extra Arlene Strictly

here it is kids, the moment you’ve all been waiting for -- nope, not High School Musical 3, a shameless Rip Off instead, whoops, did I say that? Well it’s Britannia High, a new multi-platform 360 primetime drama series from the ‘brain‘ of ITV.

Actually the trailer looks interesting, and the brains behind it are quite good, Arlene Phillips, nee Strictly has masterminded the whole process and Gary Barlow and other music types are writing the songs. They had a big media launch thing and actually people are a little bit excited. No release date however but it’ll be soon and on Saturday night, against Strictly… an issue Arlene delt with,

“I love Strictly Come Dancing,” she said. “It is the best hobby in the world, but this [Britannia High] is my passion. This is something I have always wanted to do.”

Smell that? it’s a bridge burning.

Britannia High is set in a theatre school and is written by homo-laureate Jonathan Harvey (Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie) and includes Mitch Hewer making it the gayest TV show ever.

The promo itself is interesting, it is not very ITV and it seems very serious for them, this is definately not X Factor the Drama series… oh wait they did that… dear dear me.

Well I for one will be watching and am a little excited… I will obviously be learning the moves each week.