Mamma Mia

Here I go again, my my…

Mark! stop that! sorry Mark

anywho, i know this isn’t exactly hot off the press, but twas my birthday treat for my parents to take me to the gayest movie showing at the time, so take a chance, take a chance take a chic-a-cha-chance

MARK!! I’m serious! sorry Mark :S

So, storyline: 20 years ago, Meryl Streep was a bit of a hussy and slept with 3 guys in the same summer - these 3 guys happened to be a less cool James Bond, Bootstrap Bill, and Mr Darcy - and then dumps them all and lives like a spinster in Greece for two decades. Back to modern day and Streep’s daughter, Amanda *this is my excited face* Seyfried invites all three potential fathers to her wedding (this is probably a good hint that it isn’t going to go smoothly). In lieu of the wedding, Streep’s, alright Donna’s old bandmates ‘the Dynamos’ turn up and reveal themselves to be Mrs Weasley and Martha May Whovier from Whoville.

After much frolicking, singing, and flesh baring we meet the groom, Sky (aka Dominic Cooper, last seen in The Escapist. Who has been working out since we last saw him (phwoar) and so have his stag party attendants (phwoar more) tho they all seem to be gay (not complaining).  All this time Sophie (the bride/daughter) has been attempting to interrogate the 3 potential paters - though with very little effort if you ask me.  She finds that she was named after Stellan Skarsgard’s grandmother, she has the same drawing gift as Pierce Brosnan, and the same guitar skill as Mr Darcy, so we’re all still clueless as to how to fill in the family tree.

Eventually they get to the wedding, by this point the bride has asked all 3 potential fathers and her mother to walk her down the aisle, and the ending is very confusing and a bit disappointing, so i shall only disclose it by personal invitation

If i were a music critic, I’d probably say that this film was appalling, the actors who do sing their own songs are a bit dodgy, and the ones who are dubbed are dubbed badly, and if Pierce Brosnan ever makes a noise in a tone that isn’t his normal talking tone ever again, someone is going to get shot.  But i’m not a music critic, so i’m allowed to say that this film is AMAZING! the scenery is great, very beautiful Greek islands with very beautiful men and women on them.  The comedy is very easy, laughing out loud in the cinema is definitely acceptable - especially when Julie Walthers is hanging off a roof with Stellan Skarsgard rolling after her, or Colin Firth and his jowls are embracing his gay side (no i’m not joking). And oh the costumes - there’s flares, ruffles, leggings, bras, sequins, platforms, flowers, scarves, bare (male) chests (particularly effective in Dominic Cooper’s case). Thanks Imdb and JustJared.

I enjoyed it, but my 16yr old straight brother definitely did not, ah well sucks to be him :)

Just in case anyone’s read this far ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :D …well, it was when i started writing this…harumph