OMG Black President FTW!

Good Morning people, did you miss me yesterday? We decided that i should forfeit my Tuesday Media Mix for a Wednesday US Politics special, oooooh.

Now unless you’ve been far far away for the past 12 years or so, you’ll realise that whilst America is a long way away, it’s politics seems to have a profound effect on the rest of us earth people, just in recent history we’ve had Mr Clinton being caught with his trousers down, Mr Bush Jr following in daddy’s footsteps and starting a few unjust wars for the hell of it, and most recently we’ve had the media storm focussed around last night’s presidential election.

You’ll be happy to know (or in at least one person’s case, sad) (check the comments), that Mr Barack Obama won the election, and is now the president-elect, ready to take office as soon as Bush drives his clown-car away.

(the video has nothing to do with anything, i just thought it’d be nice to have a fanfare at this point)

BBC news have announced that already since Obama’s win, stock rates have risen; the rainforests have regrown, and the icecaps are back where they should be.  (I made the last 2 up, sorry.)

An interesting site I found yesterday was, with the tagline ‘what if the world could vote’ - as of 10:19am, the polls stand thus: McCain has 1568 votes, Obama has 10,374 votes, and reopen polls has 876 votes.  rather overwhelmingly Obamatastic, wouldn’t we say?

I have been impressed with what I’ve seen of America’s attempts to get people voting - other than the fact that black people might vote for Obama coz he’s black, or women might vote for Palin’s party coz she’s a woman.  Whilst gumelection isn’t an official campaign, its certainly done the trick of getting the real people of America interested, and at least voting in some form.

Perhaps a slightly less effective method was candy-dates exhibiting Chocobama and SugarCain confectionary.  but its all good fun.

So; is this the ultimate conclusion to the Civil Rights Campaign in America? or is it the beginning of the end of the world? see you in 4 years (unless we’re all dead) to find out :)