Mark’s Media Mix, 14/10/08

The Great - Halloween Bubble Fogger

Bubbles are one of my favourite things, so you’ll understand my wonder and delight when i discovered this product - not only are there bubbles, but they’re full of smoke!! and when they pop there’s all wispyness and pretty halloween style effects - if anyone feels like buying me one, i won’t say no :)   check them out here

The Good -

There are quite a few of these sites with lists of funny/interesting/weird pictures that someone’s found on the internet, but in my opinion this’uns a cut above the rest.  The funny ones make you laugh, the interesting ones make you think, and the weird ones make you curl up in a ball

my favourite recent posts are the deer-in-a-hand, and UPS Hot Rod (click the pics for links)

The Bad - Would you like a corpse with your kebab?

A kebab shop in Wolverhampton has been shut down after police found, amongst other hygiene law breaches, a corpse on a sofa near to the food preparation area…yummy.

When health and safety officers inspected the store, they found rat droppings, dead rats, stinky raw meat, with flies landing on it, then at the back of the kitchen a sofa with a corpse on it, and a man preparing the kebab meat sitting next to it…anyone for a kebab??

Check out the BBC story here

The Ugly - Exotic spiders in the UK

The UK’s rising mild climate means that exotic spiders that are accidentally imported in food, that would usually be washed down the celestial plughole by a cold winter or two are surviving.  Rumour has it that the climate could soon be habitable for the fatally poisonous ‘black widow spider’, so check under your toilet seats people!!!

Having said that, it isn’t all bad news - the increase in temperature means that more insects are also surviving for larger amounts of the year, so having more spiders available to gobble them up means there won’t be swarms and swarms of insects around

The Queen - ‘Queers Welcome in the Military’

General Sir Richard Dannatt, he of ownership of the british army - who only last year banned army soldiers from marching in gay pride marches, has spoken at the Fourth Joint Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Matters to say that the army now welcomes and respects gay soldiers.

Respect for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual soldiers and officers is now a ‘command responsibility’ meaning that soldiers and officers who purposefully don’t respect anyone of GLB or T tendencies should be punished.

Considering that prior to 2000, GLBT people were banned from joining the army altogether, woop for the massive steps forward in equality and respect! :D

This is what the PinkPaper site has to say on it all