Dull Dull E3

As a Nintendo fanboy I was overly excited about this years E3 mainly due to Nintendo not announcing anything for the later half of this year leaving me thinking that they are going to drop a bombshell on what is to come. Sadly not, like last year Nintendo spent a good 15 minutes patting themselves on the back, ‘well done us for selling lots,”well done us for getting women playing games’ etc etc. This was then followed by a dull snowboarding game (which by all accounts looked as ugly as sin) then whoot whoot Animal Crossing with a handy new microphone (sold seperatley), Raymen Raving Rabbids *Yawn* and that was pretty much it. Then for the DS the most exciting thing to be announced was GTA whoot whoot. No DS redesign, no Zelda, no Kid Icarus and even more oddly not a word said about the latest Wario game or Captain Rainbow (a game featuring Birdo and a lot of the Z list cast from the Mario world.) Pretty much all ‘non-game’ announcements.

Microsoft did rather well, a whole new layout to the Xbox dash board, the 3D avatars look rather nifty and a number of exclusive videos for Resident Evil 5 and Final Fantasy made a rather niffty line up. Also the little shocker that Banjo and Kazooie from the N64 will be appearing on x box arcade. Well done Microsoft.

Finally Sony sat in the corner and had a hissy fit calling the wii a niche console, I think they need to look up what the word niche means. Although the creatures from little big planet presenting company figures were rather cute.

What do you think of this years E3? What were you hoping to get a look at?

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