Game to make Games

Hold the press! Take your phone off the hook and hold onto your socks. The well known games retailer, Game, is going to publish computer games. That is right the company that swallowed up Gamestation and changed it from being indie (well as indie as a game shop can be) shop full of gaming merchandise and retro goodness galore to a dark grey poor mans clone of the main retailer feels that it has something to add to the gaming industry. This makes me sad, can you imagine the shovelware they will produce? The press release boasted their previous releases “driving test and anti-virus titles as own-brand, plus Vegas Casino on DS.” which made me a bit sick in my mouth.

What do you think? Shall we be expecting interesting niche games from low income developers who for some reason have no access to playstation store, xbox live or wii ware or more card games that that will be badly made but cheap so those who dont know better will purchase them?

Thank you digitalspy for this wonderful tale.

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  1. oh dear does this mean we shalll be expected to buy seond hand game ideas? this shounds like a road to failure or one of those miraculous million to one mazingly good things though i think im more inclined to agree with the former. meep!

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