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Madness of Professor Layton *update*

Over the Chrimbo period the whole world seemed to go a little Layton mad, shops were selling out and ebay sellers were making a mint on this little puzzle adventure. So to celebrate a wonderful game and the trailers for the new film which were launched this week I thought I would give you all [...]

Nintendo DSi lands on April 3

Hello! The Nintendo DSi the next update of the awesome DS is coming and us lovelies in Europe are getting it first (well after Japan but meh!)
It’s going to cost about £149.99 depending on bundles ect!
Here’s the press release,
Nintendo will launch its new handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, in Europe on 3 April 2009.  The [...]

An Elebits 2 Review

As we don’t live in America it means there are some games that we simply have to wait for to appear on these shores so I thought I would point you in the direction of this review for Elebits 2.
I am a huge fan of the first game on the Wii and thought it showed [...]

Details of the new DS

Details of the new DS

A Japanese business magazine has outlined what to expect from the new DS and thanks to DSfanboy we have a translation and it says this:
Japanese business newspaper Nikkei posted an article describing features in an upcoming new DS model set for this year, designed with the intention of competing with the iPhone and other mobile [...]

Dull Dull E3

As a Nintendo fanboy I was overly excited about this years E3 mainly due to Nintendo not announcing anything for the later half of this year leaving me thinking that they are going to drop a bombshell on what is to come. Sadly not, like last year Nintendo spent a good 15 minutes patting themselves [...]

Death of the DS

In the wake of Apple’s keynote address yesterday (and slightly before as I understand) there has been speculation that the adjustments and upgrades to the iPhone and the iPod touch will spell the end of the beloved Nintendo DS.
Basically, Apple have launched their ‘App Store’ which allows iPhone and Touch owners to download content to [...]

New DS colours

A friend (Spanish Magazine) of a friend (engadget) has been flashing some bran spanking new DS colours so far I can only find a picture of the green one and its beautiful. I dont know what this means for the rumours of a bran spanking new hand held by the people at Nintendo but if [...]

Every One Loves A Good Strap

I know this is slightly old news as the first images of the Guitar Heroes peripheral were released yesterday. But I said myself, do not make comment till you full understand and now I do. Thanks to the lovely fellows at gametrailers it is all making sense to me and its down to a [...]